The weirdest thing about the Alexander Technique…is

that it works!

— Alette (children's author and lecturer)

Sarah Bonner-Morgan

Lessons, classes and workshops

in the Alexander Technique

tel: 0777 357 0395


We all want to live well, happily and free from suffering. We all want to do what we do with ease, efficiency, effectiveness… and some kind of grace.

So take a moment to notice how you are, now, as you read this?

Are you crumpled, contracted, toppling over to one side or balanced and breathing freely? Are you cheerful or desperate or somewhere in between? How is your shoulder as you scroll down this page? Where are your feet? Are you in the world or lost in this page? Are you finding these questions interesting or frustrating?

I will meet you where you are in your life and help you to find a strongly supported, grounded, vital, spacious, flexible – and ultimately less achy and painful - way of living.

A course of lessons can feel like a holiday from the effort and strain we unconsciously apply to everyday life.

You will be learning the tools practised by many people who have truly mastered a skill, are on top of their game and are able to meet life with an easy, playful, compassionate confidence. You will be exploring the potential of NOT doing the wrong thing….so that the ‘right’ thing can do itself.

I've been teaching here in Edinburgh since 1999 and I love sharing this work whether it be one-to-one lessons or group classes. To accompany students as they journey towards increased freedom in their chosen activity is an immense privilege and one which gives me great joy.

Sarah and her teaching are absolutely wonderful. I had back problems for as long as I could think until I met Sarah. I had tried so many other things before, but the Alexander Technique has made a real difference. And the best thing: There isn't any work involved, unlike with so many other techniques. Just a new way of seeing your body and changing your mindset. It is almost effortless and works so well. Thank you so much Sarah. Dani (mother, maker and business woman)